SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Saved D.K From Ruining His Image With One Phrase

They all realized something wasn’t right.

SEVENTEEN sat down with BuzzFeed to play a game of Who’s Who where they were asked to choose the member who ate the most.

The votes were split between Woozi and D.K, with the majority of the members choosing the latter.

So, D.K explained the reason why he was chosen by simply saying, “I’m crazy,” in English. Upon hearing it, the rest of the group began to laugh at the sudden declaration, especially Vernon and S.Coups.

He tried to explain once more, this time in Korean, that he was really interested in food. So, Vernon helped him out by completing the phrase for more clarity, “I’m crazy for food.”

That’s when D.K said it could’ve been bad if he’d left the phrase as it had been. Vernon found it so funny that he repeated it while S.Coups covered his face as he laughed to himself.

It’s easy to make mistakes in another language, especially if you’re not fluent in it. But, some aren’t as funny as D.K’s. Watch the hilarious moment here.