SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Is The New “Spicy” Member In The Group After Mingyu

Mingyu is no longer Spicy Kim, but will forever be remembered.

On the airport on their way to Japan, SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi flaunted his newly dyed red-colored locks.

Carats were amazed to see Woozi coloring his hair a bright red and loved that he confidently showed it to everyone on the airport.

Fellow member Mingyu previously earned the nickname “Spicy Kim” during the group’s “Ode To You” concert in Seoul for coloring his hair a similar bright red color. However, Woozi seems to be snatching the nickname away from him, as Carats have also started referring to him as “Spicy Woozi.”

Hoshi also referred to him as “Woozi Spicy Spicy” during the group’s concert stop in Japan. Mingyu also gave him a new nickname and called him “Baby” because he is the baby version of the “spicy member” since Mingyu colored his hair bright red first.

Although remaining concerned about the members’ scalps, Carats are really enjoying all the new colors the SEVENTEEN members are experimenting with!