SF9 Inseong’s Birthday Gift From AB6IX’s Woong Gave Fans A Funny Idea

“But the funny thing is that my fans recommended me to…”

Of all the birthday gifts SF9‘s Inseong received, the one from AB6IX‘s Woong sparked a hilarious idea from fans.

Inseong | @SF9_FANCLUB/Twitter

When The Star Magazine mentioned Inseong’s birthday gifts, they couldn’t resist asking about one that was uncommon. He’d been gifted a bean sprout kit.

It turned out it was given to him by another idol. Inseong said, “Woong of AB6IX gave it to me, and I opened it.

Since Inseong agreed with Jaeyoon that it was “gonna die soon” if he kept it in his room, he came up with the best way to take care of the small plants. He said, “To make it a fully grown one, I’m gonna take it to my head house.

While Inseong was happy just growing them, he revealed that fans had come up with a use for the plants. He made Jaeyoon and Youngbin laugh when saying, “But the funny thing is that my fans recommended me to use it for making bean sprout hangover soup.

Since Woong gifted Inseong with such a practical gift, fans couldn’t help suggesting an equally practical yet hilarious way to use it.

Woong | @AB6IX_MEMBERS/Twitter

After all, who wouldn’t want some nice hangover soup after a night of heavy drinking?

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