SF9’s Rowoon Is 190 Centimeters Tall, Has a Sexy Back, and Is a Killer Dancer

As if his sexy visuals weren’t enough, he totally slayed the choreography.

In recent days, a post titled, “190-Centimeter Tall Idol Who’s Amazing at Dancing” has surfaced in online communities along with a close-up cam video of SF9‘s Rowoon.

Rowoon is able to attract all the attention with his very tall height alone. But many fans say that what makes him shine the most is his incredible dancing ability.

Just as fans insist, Rowoon kills every dance performance he puts on, but there’s one particular footage that received the hottest response, which is SF9’s Music Bank performance of “Enough” that took place last February.

During that performance, Rowoon swayed everyone with a blue sweater that exposed his back and sexy leather pants.

In addition to his spectacular performance, what made it legendary was how Rowoon showed off his muscular back every time he spun around or turned sideways.

As if his crazy tall height and sexy back weren’t enough, he managed to slay the choreography as well, making this a performance to remember.

Check out the full close-up cam footage of Rowoon below:

Source: Insight and @andwoon
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