SF9’s Rowoon Dishes On How Dorming With His Members Had A Rocky Start

They had some difficult times

SF9‘s Rowoon recently worked with Esquire Korea for a gorgeous pictorial and captivating interview. In his interview, Rowoon discussed his latest drama and dished on how living with his members had a rocky start.

For those unaware, Rowoon has been working on his latest drama, She Would Never Know. This drama is Rowoon’s second time as the lead male role as his last time was in the incredibly addictive drama Extraordinary You.

As a successful actor and K-Pop idol, one would believe Rowoon’s schedule is filled with activities all the time. So how does he manage it all? According to Rowoon, he clarified that the rest of his members are currently filming as well.

Q: You’re an actor, but you’re also an idol. Isn’t it a bit difficult, especially because in the team, Chani and you are acting idols?

All of us are acting now. All nine members have acted. Whether it’s a web drama or fliming on streaming services, the members are all in the middle of filming.

— Rowoon

He also gave some insight into how dorm life in the past was between the member was a bit intense due to their competitiveness.

We’re all still living in the dorm together. In the past, we used to fight a lot. In all honesty, as trainees, we were competitive with each other because we were unsure of who would debut first. Then suddenly we were informed that we were one team and started living in one dorm together. It’s not an easy situation to adjust to. Since we’re all guys, when we did fight, it was no joke.

— Rowoon

Fortunately, Rowoon continued and shared that the members are all adjusted to living together now and get along well!

However, the good thing is that the members don’t cross the lines. During when we were trainees and sensitive about our situation, and fights broke out, as soon as one of us would think, ‘Don’t go that far,’ we would stop. It’s all memories now. We are aware of each other’s likes and dislikes so well now that we get along good. Even if something happens, we hate bring in uncomfortable situations, so we get over it with, ‘Hey! Let’s go for a drink.’

— Rowoon

The group members must get along great as they always shine on stage!

Source: Esquire Korea