SF9’s Rowoon Is Adorably Trying To Get In Touch With His Creative Side

There’s nothing he can’t do!

Between acting, singing and dancing, it seems as though there’s nothing that SF9‘s Rowoon can’t do, and he just added yet another talent to that list: painting!

Recently, via his personal InstagramSF9′Rowoon shared an art piece he created. During an interview with Esquire Korea, he revealed that he has started painting these days and feels like they would be a good way to commemorate his experiences in life.

I’m giving [painting] a try. I once made a painting after I had a drink and it was very honest. It showed my status at that time. So if I keep drawing them and if I see them when I get old, I would be able to feel that, “Ah I drew this because I was thinking about this.” I think that would be interesting. So I am giving it a try.


The first painting he shared on Instagram. | @ewsbdi/Instagram

However, when asked what the meaning of his painting was, his answer was very honest: it has actually doesn’t have a meaning!

| ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube

“I drew that with a 3D painting tool so it does not mean something big,” he said. “I just loved the texture and the color.”

| ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube 

Later on, he was asked if there was a painter that he liked, and he sheepishly admitted that he didn’t have one, because he doesn’t know much about painting yet.

| ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube
It’s obvious, though, that painting is something he’s interested in and would like to pursue, so his fans are eagerly looking forward to his next creations!
| ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube
Source: Esquire Korea