SF9 Have A Special Rule For Dealing With Rowoon When He’s Extra Talkative

Rowoon was completely clueless about their rule:

As a very sociable and good-natured guy, SF9’s Rowoon loves to talk. Fantasy who have met him at SF9’s fanmeetings can attest to that. While his talkative nature makes him even more lovable especially to fans, sometimes his members find his talkativeness a little too hard to handle.

When that happens, well, SF9 employ one special rule. When Chani and Rowoon were guests on Knowing Brothers Chani revealed the remaining 8 members of SF9 play a game of sorts whenever they’re in a waiting room with him.

There is a simple rule. It’s somewhat like a timing game. We’re in a waiting room with Rowoon sometimes… Rowoon actually talks a lot and we have to respond. It’s hard for us.

— Chani

Since they know how chatty Rowoon can be, they will each try to create a plausible circumstance to excuse themselves from a conversation. The last member to come up with something will stay with Rowoon and talk with him.

There are eight members besides him so we get out one by one when Rowoon comes in. The last one left should listen to what Rowoon says. We all have different excuses. A member will take out his cellphone and head out to call their mom suddenly. Someone else will go out saying he has to go to the bathroom. But if everyone goes out then he’ll be sad.

— Chani

Although SF9 may employ this rule on a regular basis, Rowoon had absolutely no idea! He always thought his members were super busy and that’s why they were always on the phone!

Didn’t you have something to do? I just tried to brighten up the mood and cheer them up! I didn’t know that was why (they left). I actually don’t think I talk a lot. To brighten up the atmosphere, I just joke around.

— Rowoon

While Rowoon may think he doesn’t talk a lot, Heechul decided to hit him with the truth as he explained Rowoon was even more talkative than Kim Young Chul!

When I did a show with Rowoon for the first time, I thought he was so tall and cool. But he really talks so much. In fact, he is tall and handsome but he’s more talkative than Young Chul!

— Heechul

But even if SF9 may not always be up for Rowoon’s talkative moods, they still love him wholeheartedly. Check out Chani’s confession and Rowoon’s reaction below: