SF9 Rowoon and Won Jin Ah’s Amazing Chemistry Affected “She Would Never Know” Filming

We’re loving their strong friendship!

She Would Never Know is an upcoming JTBC drama about the office love story of two co-workers of differing ages who work together on a marketing team for a cosmetics brand. According to SF9’s Rowoon (the male lead), his chemistry with co-star Won Jin Ah (the female lead) was so great that it got in the way of filming their drama She Would Never Know!

In the beginning of the drama, there is some distance between our characters. But we were close while preparing for the drama that it actually became a problem [to film those early scenes]. That’s how good our chemistry is.


| Naver

Jin Ah shared that Rowoon was very charismatic, talkative, and cheerful. He made everyone, including the crew, enjoy themselves and laugh often.

Thanks to him… I am enjoying filming the drama.

—Won Jin Ah

Rowoon went on to discuss how hard they practiced the script together and how he really wanted to get to know Won Jin Ah before stepping on set with her.

Both actors are looking forward to fans’ reactions to the drama and their chemistry together.

Source: Naver