Shannon Williams Has Been Revealed As The Voice Behind Jett In Riot Games’ “VALORANT”

The solo artist and gamer lent her voice to the character:

Riot Games‘ latest first-person shooter game VALORANT has been gaining a lot of attention recently not only from the gaming community but also from the K-Pop community too!

A few days ago, Riot Games introduced the newest character for VALORANT, a South Korean knives dealer named Jett who was designed to be a highly-skilled character.

Image: @VALORANTBrasil/Twitter

Besides making Jett a  total powerhouse character, the game’s developers also wanted to make sure Jett was authentically Korean, especially as the game’s first agent from South Korea. To do this, they got some help from K-Pop solo artist Shannon Williams!

Shannon, who is also an avid gamer and often streams gaming broadcasts on her Twitch channel, received many compliments from the game developers not only for bringing a lot of personality to the character but also for adding cultural and demographic authenticity too.

Shannon not only brought a cultural authenticity to the character but a demographic authenticity. She walked in on day one of our session already a hardcore FPS player, we didn’t have to do any work onboarding her to the type of game we were making.

— Zach Betka, Senior Narrative Writer at Riot Games

And after Shannon took to Twitter to thank Riot for giving her the opportunity to play Jett and express her excitement for the game’s release…

Shanon also received even more love from Riot Games’ voice-over production coordinator and character producer!

Meanwhile, after hearing that Shannon is the voice behind Jett, K-Pop fans grew even more excited for the game!

See Shannon transform into Jett in the gameplay video below:

Source: ESPN