Shin Dong Yup Makes Momo and Heechul Uncomfortable With a Joke at the 29th Seoul Music Awards

Netizens have divided opinions.

The 29th Seoul Music Awards recently took place which was hosted by Shin Dong Yup, Jo Bo Ah, and Super Junior‘s Heechul, and attended by many talented idols and artists.


But during the opening, Shin Dong Yup made a joke to Heechul on stage, and it’s receiving divided opinions in online communities.


The host looked at Heechul and asked, “Huh? A person that you’d be very happy to see is sitting over there” as he pointed in the direction of where all the idols and artists were sitting.

When Heechul showed his surprise and flashed an awkward smile, Shin Dong Yup paused before turning the joke on Super Junior.

I’m talking about Super Junior!

– Shin Dong Yup

In response, Heechul sighed of relief and did his best to respond in a natural manner.

Oh, of course. Seeing the members like this makes them look even cooler. I’ve missed my members.

– Heechul

Heechul was taken aback because TWICE‘s Momo was in the audience, and it hasn’t been long since they announced their relationship.

Shortly after it aired, a video of TWICE’s reaction to the joke spread on social media and online communities.

And netizens immediately pointed out how uncomfortable Momo and the other TWICE members looked.

And while some criticized Heechul for allowing the joke to be told, others are suggesting that he didn’t know about it considering how shocked he looked as well.

Check out the full clips of Shin Dong Yup’s joke and TWICE’s reaction below:

TWICE's Momo And Heechul's Relationship