The Chilling Secret Behind How “Shincheonji Cult” Recruits Young Women to Join Their Church

Hanmaeum Apartment Complex in Daegu is resided by unmarried women under the age of 35.

In light of the recent escalation of the coronavirus outbreak in Korea due to the “Shincheonji cult” in Daegu, much attention has been paid to their religion and practices.

Among the 5300 cases that have arisen in Daegu as a result, more than 40 cases arose in Hanmaeum Apartment Complex, causing the entire complex to be quarantined.

Regarding the matter, the Central Epidemic Preventative Measures Department announced that a total of 46 out of 140 residents were confirmed for the virus and that many Shincheonji believers reside at that building.

Many Shincheonji believers live at the apartment complex, and since it’s very close to the church, we’re predicting there was many repeated contact, leading ot the spread of the virus.

– Central Epidemic Preventative Measures Department

This led to the question of why so many Shincheonji believers reside there, and the answer shocked citizens all around the country.

One expert who investigated Shincheonji explained that a part of their mission work is to act as mediators in securing apartments for their believers so that they can spend as much time together.

And according to Daegu City’s website, the tenants of Hanmaeum Apartment Complex are unmarried women under the age of 35, and the rent is surprisingly low at between 20,000 (~$17 USD) to 50,000 won (~$42 USD) per month.

The expert added that Shincheonji utilizes such knowledge about real estate to propagate their religion.

Other various online communities also brought up Hanmaeum Apartment Complex’s qualifications for tenants and stressed that young women with no money have no choice but to move into the building.

Shincheonji responded to this controversy, stressing that Hanmaeum Apartment Complex does not belong to the church.

Hanmaeum Apartment Complex doesn’t belong to Shincheonji, and we will do whatever it takes to have all of our believers cooperate with their medical examinaitons.

– Shincheonji


Source: Insight