SHINee’s “Don’t Call Me” Was Originally Meant For A Female Artist

The key of the song was lowered to suit the members’ voices.

SHINee‘s recent comeback is already proving to be yet another success, as the song perfectly matches the powerful group. In fact, Minho revealed in an interview recently that the song was actually initially intended to be performed by a female artist, like BoA.

They gratefully mentioned that Lee Soo Man, founder and executive producer of SM Entertainment, worked actively and closely with the members in order to match even the smallest details of the track, and the rest of the album, to the group.

Key explained that the song ended up being SHINee’s impactful title track.

There were a lot of funky, pop tracks that we considered as the title track, but for “Don’t Call Me,” it was like a big final punch.

The song is different from what we’ve done before and it really captured our attention. We think this track makes the strongest impact.

– Key

In spite of their confidence in the song itself, the members went on to explain that they still feel anxiety, albeit mixed with excitement, whenever they make a comeback.

Key, Minho, and Onew also stated that the almost two-year absence from making music made the preparations for this comeback especially different. Onew relied on Taemin‘s help to perfect the choreography, while Minho needed about two months to adequately adjust to what he refers to as his “old lifestyle.”

Check out the performance stage of “Don’t Call Me” below.

Source: Clash