SHINee Fans Boycott SM’s New Merchandise Because Onew Is Also In It

S.M Entertainment just released their ‘2018 SM Artist Season’s Greetings’ teaser and SHINee fans are furious over it.

This year’s SHINee Season’s Greeting is set to include items calendars, posters, and photo cards made with images of each member.

And by each member, Onew will also be included in the Season’s Greetings.

Some fans are threatening to boycott all SM merchandises because Onew is included in them.

Onew was charged with sexual harassment back in August but was cleared of all charges.

[★BREAKING] SHINee Onew cleared of all sexual harassment charges

Onew was absent from any public appearances since the accident, making the Season’s Greetings his first.

Many fans are furious because Onew did not apologize for the incident and has remained silent.

SM Entertainment also didn’t reveal the fact that Onew was featured in this year’s Season’s Greetings prior to the pre-sales.

The transactions have a no refund policy, which deprives fans of their ability to choose not to support Onew.

Fans feel as if they’re being treated as an ‘ATM’ by SM Entertainment and Onew, just a means to make money.

Fans expressed that they do not wish to purchase any items with Onew’s face on them until they receive a proper explanation.

Check out the SHINee’s teaser featuring Onew below.

Source: Joongang Ilbo