SHINee Fans Protected Jonghyun’s Twitter Account from Being Deleted

They started an online movement, and it worked.

BBC recently reported that dormant Twitter accounts that aren’t logged into by November would be permanently deleted, which shocked many fans of SHINee‘s Jonghyun.

Due to Jonghyun’s passing, it is obvious that his Twitter account hadn’t been logged onto, which meant that his account would be deleted as well.

Since Jonghyun often used his Twitter account to connect and chat with fans, fans couldn’t just sit back and let this happen.

For that reason, fans of Jonghyun joined forces and started an online movement using hashtags such as #preciousmemorieswithjonghyun and #dontdeletepreciousmemories.

And their movement must have reached the management of Twitter because they responded with a message announcing that they will find a new way to delete inactive accounts while excluding those of the deceased.

In response to the efforts Jonghyun fans made for his precious memories, netizens responded with comments such as “That’s so beautiful“, “That’s impressive“, and “These are what you call real fans“.

Source: Insight