SHINee Reveals How Impressed They Were With IU Even Before She Debuted

“A super talented female singer was about to debut.”

SHINee appeared in an episode of IU’s Palette to perform and answer interview questions from the soloist. They discussed a variety of topics from their past duets to being acting co-stars.

They even revealed their first impressions of one another! IU told her viewers that SHINee was famous among fellow singers who were awed at their live singing and synchronized dancing.

In return, SHINee also shared what they heard about her. Spoiler alert: it was only good things!

We also heard so many stories that a super talented female singer was about to debut.

— Taemin

IU was surprised that they knew her when she didn’t even debut yet. They firmly stated that they loved singing her music when she became active in the industry in September, just four months after them.

IU: Did you know me at the time? When I first debuted?

Taemin: Yes. We were singing your song.

While IU praised them for their skillful combination of singing and dancing, SHINee praised her for her refreshing vocals.

You came out alone and rehearsed. It was a surprise and felt new.

— Onew

They found it even more commendable how multi-talented IU was: “We saw you almost every week. But you’d suddenly change your genre.”

In one stage, she’d be singing ballads…

…and in another, she’d be dancing. Her “Marshmallow” stage was especially memorable!

We went, ‘She’s dancing?!’

— Key

As per SHINee’s words, IU was making waves in the industry even since the start!

Check out the full video below!

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