SHINee’s Key Impresses Fans Once Again With His Fluent English

He truly is the main English speaker of the group!

SHINee fans know how fluent Key is in English, but recently, his English skills gained attention online through the MBC show, The Manager (Omniscient Interfering View). The clip revealed him communicating with the choreographer regarding the need for more attitude toward the dance.

If we go way back, we know that Key has attend English camp in both Australia (2003) and the U.S. (2004) through UNIVESTEDU.

We can clearly here his English skills in the 2008 Mnet show Yeonhanam as well.

In the 2019 interview with iHeartRadio, fans can also see just how upgraded his English skills have become throughout the years!

Netizens were not only amazed at his English skills…

  • “He’s so freaking cool, f*cking amazing.”
  • “He’s so cool.”
  • “Woah crazy stage they go so hard.”
  • “He’s so freaking good his English is on point.”

…but also the performance for their new song, “HARD”!

Source: theqoo