SHINee’s Key Makes A Lucky Fan’s Heart Flutter With Just A Single Sentence

We need to go to his fansign too, stat.

SHINee is known to be one of the best K-Pop groups ever. They have ceaselessly shown their fantastic personalities to their fans throughout the years. Although member Key is known as the sassy one to the public, he’s actually super sweet to his fans. During a recent fansign, he made a lucky fan’s heart flutter with just a single sentence.

The fan was about to leave the country soon, and lamented that she would not be able to see him frequently. It was the main factor stopping her from going!

The fan’s anecdote. | Instiz
  • Key: Well, the world is a lot more convenient now so we can always see each other again. You can just hurry up and go, then come back.
  • Fan: No, no. I don’t have the confidence to live without you.
  • Key: That’s true… It’s hard to see me if you just leave like that…
  • Fan: Then, tell me not to go.
  • Key: I can’t do that. *firm*

Key was firm in his realistic advice for the fan. He tried to convince her to go and hurry back instead. The fan asked for him to write a message for her in return.

The fan’s anecdote. | Instiz
  • Fan: Why not? Why can’t you just tell me not to go?
  • Key: You have to go. Why? Do you not want to?
  • Fan: I can’t live well without you!
  • Key: In that case… Think of it as completing a quest then coming back.
  • Fan: Alright then. In that case, as a last request, write me a message that will make my heart flutter.
  • [Key writes the message in less than a second and closes the album with a thud.]
  • Fan: Huh? You’re done already? Can’t you write something a little longer?
  • Key: No. This is just what you need to hear right now. Read it after you go back down.

When the fan opened the album, the most heart-fluttering message was waiting for her.

| Instiz

He had not only signed her name with “x923” hearts, but told her, “actually, don’t go.” Squee!

We’d definitely cancel our flight right away if we were her.

Source: Instiz