SHINee’s Key Looks And Sounds Exactly Like His Father

They look exactly the same.

SHINee‘s Key recently made an appearance on I Live Alone. He made his way back down to Daegu, his hometown. As it had been a long time since he visited, he made sure to go to his family home first to see his parents. However, his parents were both not home at the moment! Despite that, his mother still made a delicious meal for him.

After eating, Key put in a call to his father about the food. While they had a wholesome conversation about his mother’s cooking, fans couldn’t help but notice that they sounded extremely alike! From the accent all the way down to the tone of voice, it was practically a copy-and-paste situation. Take a listen for yourself below.

In previously released photos of his childhood, Key’s father was revealed as well. His eyebrows were especially alike to Key’s. The thick black hair as well as the way they were shaped.

Take a look at Key’s natural brows during his early days of debut.

Aren’t they exactly the same? It’s lovely to see his great relationship with his parents!