SHINee’s Key And Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Hilariously Bicker Over What Gifts Boyfriends Don’t Like Receiving

They disagreed on every single one 😂

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and SHINee‘s Key recently began their collaborative YouTube segment on SM C&C Studio‘s channel and the chaotic energy from the two are absolutely amazing. In one episode of the show, Taeyeon and Key dissected the top 3 anniversary gifts that males do not like to receive—which had the viewers rolling in laughter.

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The first gift that males hate to receive is a handwritten letter, to which Key wholeheartedly agreed with.

SHINee’s Key agreeing with the handwritten letter pick | YouTube

However, Taeyeon had a hard time understanding why guys did not like receiving handwritten letters! But Key made sure to elaborate what he meant by his previous comment.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon | YouTube

Taeyeon: “But why, I like handwritten letters…”
Key: “If you give something in addition to the handwritten letter, that’s great. It’s when you give just the handwritten letter that’s a little…”

The second gift that Korean males agreed was one of the worst gifts to receive was health supplements. Key, once again agreed with this choice…

SHINee’s Key laughing in agreement.

…but Taeyeon, on the other hand, couldn’t help but express her shock over this particular gift.

Why?! This is the worst gift?! We’re getting it for you so that you don’t get sick!

— Taeyeon

Lastly, the third worst gift chosen by the male population in South Korea was books, which was agreed upon by the SHINee member.

However, the Girls’ Generation member had a hard time understanding this choice as well, as she continued to express her confusion.

Why? What’s wrong with books?

— Taeyeon

The chaotic energy of these two will never not be funny! You can watch Taeyeon and Key’s Taengkey Box on YouTube every week!

Source: theqoo