SHINee’s Key Revealed Their Singing Was So Horrible They Almost Didn’t Sing Live For Their Debut

Key shared that their seniors would criticize their singing behind their backs.

During SHINee‘s 13th Anniversary Online Party, the members reminisced on their debut days and how much they have grown since then— including their live singing skills.


There were a few unique factors to SHINee’s debut, from making their debut performance on Inkigayo (which wasn’t often done because it lands on a Sunday) to singing live. Host Eunhyuk from Super Junior thought their live singing was great, but Key thought otherwise.

Eunhyuk was shocked that Key thought that way, and shared that when he visited them in the practice room before their debut, he was “so surprised because [they] were so good.” Key was equally shocked at this, because he recalls their performance always being criticized.

But despite their “horrible” live singing skills and what others said about them, Key shared that the members persevered and ultimately sang live for their debut stage because “it’s true to our team’s color.”

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