SHINee’s Key Expresses His Wish For Jonghyun To Not Become A Taboo Topic

Key revealed the reason behind his emotional winning speech that mentioned Jonghyun.

SHINee’s Key recently guested on I Live Alone. During an honest heart to heart with his close friend, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, the topic of Jonghyun came up.

As many fans know, Jonghyun unfortunately passed on a few years back. While the topic has been treaded around carefully for many years, Key finally opened up regarding the matter. He mentioned his love for Jonghyun during a winning speech for “Don’t Call Me” recently.

The speech brought tears to everyone’s eyes as he mentioned the member whom he was missing just a little more lately. Key revealed his emotions behind the speech, to Taeyeon.

Until that moment, I hated how the topic became a taboo that people shouldn’t bring up. So I hope everyone will know now that I am okay, and that it is okay to miss him, that we need him and miss him. That was how I sincerely and honestly felt. Previously, when I received questions about Jonghyun, I tried to avoid them. It felt that people were making use of it, that they were hoping for me to cry. But I thought that there would come a day where I’d just (be able to) talk about it. It suddenly just came out of my mouth (during the speech).

— Key

Key revealed that he had completely not planned the moment where he mentioned Jonghyun during the speech. However, as he always had it in the back of his head that their happiest moments were when all members were together, he ended up mentioning Jonghyun.

We’re sure Jonghyun is looking over them from heaven! Catch the touching admission below.