Photo of All 5 Members of SHINee Spotted in Key’s Military Locker

Soldiers commonly keep photos of girl groups, but not Key.

Following SHINEE‘s Key‘s recent military enlistment, photos of him in his barracks have been spreading on social media and online communities.

In contrast to the colorful hairstyles Key flaunted as an idol, he was seen sporting a buzzed haircut in the shared photos, which are undoubtedly receiving a lot of attention.

Besides Key’s new look as a military soldier, there was something else netizens were curious about, and that’s which pin-up girl Key decided to stick in his military locker.

Military soldiers are commonly known for putting up photos of girl groups in their lockers, but Key confirmed his endless love for his fellow SHINee members by putting up a photo of the entire group instead.

The photo is very blurry in the shared photo, but it’s clear enough to make out that it’s this photo below.

With the photo below it being one of his dogs, it’s clear where Key’s heart lies as he fulfills his mandatory military service.

Source: Insight