SHINee’s Key Reveals The “Savage” Thing He Told His Mother When She Told Him To “Enter Seoul National University”

Key concluded by giving a hilarious message.

SHINee‘s Key can be quite the savage, and even his mother isn’t safe from his savagery!

SHINee’s Key | @amazingsat_official/Instagram

In a recent interview with Allure Korea, Minho and Key received a message from a fan who said they hate studying these days and asked Minho and Key to nag them to study.

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Minho told this fan that they didn’t have to study if they didn’t want to. He also told this fan not to overstress due to studying.

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Key hilariously told this fan that he doesn’t think they would study even if he and Minho nagged them. Similar to Minho, Key told this fan that they don’t have to study too hard.

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Key then shared that when he was younger, his mother told him to study so that he could enter Seoul National University, which is considered the most prestigious school in Korea. Key then said something quite savage to his mother!

This is what I actually said to my mom when I was young. My mom kept on telling me that I have to enter the university that is in Seoul. So, I said to her that I would give her exactly 3 years so that she can prepare and try getting into Seoul National University. I asked if she can make it. I told her that I couldn’t, and she can’t either. We just have to be born again to make it happen.

— Key

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After sharing this, Key had a “change of heart” and said that everyone needs to study hard!

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Key then looked at the camera and hilariously told people to stop watching the video and start studying!

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Here’s the full video below!