SHINee’s Key May Have Given An Accidental Hint To Where The New SM Rookies Will Debut

Did he give an accidental spoiler?

Fans are wondering if SHINee‘s Key gave an accidental hint regarding the new SM Rookies ShoheiEunseok, and Seunghan and where they will potentially debut.

SHINee’s Key | @SHINee/Twitter
SM Rookies (from left to right) Shohei, Eunseok, Seunghan. | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

SM Entertainment has recently begun sharing special behind-the-scenes videos from the SM TOWN LIVE in Tokyo concert where over 40 SM artists performed! In the videos members of different groups are given another idol to send a personal message to.

During their portion of the video, SHINee’s Onew, Minho, and Key spent time writing personal messages to other idols including aespa‘s NingNing, Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon, and Red Velvet‘s Irene.

| SMTOWN/YouTube
| SMTOWN/YouTube


The three were also given the chance to write a message to another group as representatives of SHINee. Key decides to write a special message to who he refers to as the “new boys” before being corrected by Minho.

| SMTOWN/YouTube

The message he sends to the group is both sweet and funny, telling them that “although there’s a debut difference of 15 years between us, don’t be awkward.”

| SMTOWN/YouTube

While the message is nice, fans quickly noticed a small detail that Key wrote in the “To.” area of the message. Instead of writing SM Rookies, Key wrote NCT 루키즈 or NCT Rookies.

| SMTOWN/YouTube


The SM Rookies performed alongside NCT’s Shotaro and Sungchan at the SM Town LIVE in Tokyo concert


Since their introduction, fans have looked for indications of where the SM Rookies will debut and whether it will be as part of NCT in a current or new subunit or as part of SM’s rumored new boy group. Many are taking this as a hint of what will happen with the new rookies and theorize they may be included in NCT’s 2023 album plans.


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