SHINee Members Crying During Concert While Singing Without Jonghyun

You worked hard Jonghyun; you did well.

It’s hard to express just how heart-breaking the first SHINee concert without Jonghyun was for both Shawols and the members. But the videos captured by fans at their first concert without him capture the pain and sadness left by his death.

Jonghyun performing at his last solo concert.

Key, Onew, Taemin, and Minho had all agreed to keep the tour dates that were announced before Jonghyun’s death in December.

Their tour, SHINee World the best 2018, started off in Japan on February 17 and 18. This concert marks the first time that SHINee is performing with one less member.

But to show that Jonghyun can never be replaced they modified the stage. During ballad songs, the members left a mic with a single rose in Jonghyun’s place.

They also opted to skip backup dancers during their dance routines.

The fans and the members both had a hard time, breaking down in tears during their performance.

Below are a few clips that were taken during the concert (warning: these videos are tear inducing).

You worked hard Jonghyun; you did well.