SHINee Pays Tribute To Jonghyun In Heartbreaking Way At Japanese Concert

The members and the fans completed the concert with heavy hearts.

SHINee performed in Osaka at their first concert since Jonghyun‘s death and the whole show was a tribute to their beloved brother.


During their concert, an empty microphone stand with a rose marked Jonghyun’s place.


They performed their hits including “Sherlock”, “Juliette” and “Diamond Sky”, as well as an unreleased Japanese song which featured Jonghyun’s vocals.

They apologized for the “lacking” aspects of the show as they adjusted to their loss.

“The members all worked hard in the short amount of time we had for this show. We may be lacking in some aspects, but we will work hard til the end.” — Key


But fans were completely sympathetic as they also felt “something missing”.


The concert was difficult for the members to hold as they broke down mid-performance as they felt the loss of Jonghyun.


Key, Onew, Minho and Taemin also spoke directly to Jonghyun at the concert, each giving a tear-filled, heartfelt speech that told of their love for him.

“Everyone is always saying they want to repay the love and effort you gave them, so today at the live concert we wanted to do our very best for you. Never forget Jonghyun. SHINee will always have five members and for our group, we want to work extra hard.” — Key


“To be honest, I was very nervous [about today] but I was able to overcome it because I’m not alone, you’re all here with us. We hope to keep approaching every stage like all five of us are standing there. Please don’t ever forget Jonghyun. There are no words to express how precious he was to us and how loved.” — Minho


“The memories of my time with Jonghyun are precious to me. He’s like family to me, so I will never forget him and I will always keep him in my heart. From now on, I will try to be a stronger Taemin, and we will try to be a stronger SHINee.” — Taemin


SHINee debated a long time whether to continue their tour dates but ultimately decided not to change any, as Jonghyun’s mother even asked them to continue their careers.


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