How SHINee members react to SNSD Yoona’s aegyo

SHINee members are immune to the stunning Yoona‘s aegyo?

SHINee and Girls’ Generation have been labelmates for nearly a decade now. During those years, the two groups have shared numerous world tours and collaboration songs and so have developed friendly brother-sister relationships.

Surprisingly, this long relationship grants SHINee complete immunity against the beautiful visual of Girls’ Generation. Known as one of K-Pop’s most beautiful women, Yoona has the ability to stun any guy looking at her, but this is all lost on SHINee.

When SHINee guest starred *unsure what show this is*, they were shown clips of Yoona’s heart-melting aeygo. Their reactions to her aegyo was the most surprising as many of them were weirded out or looked bored when shown Yoona’s cuteness.

SHINee has recently made a comeback with a throwback to the 90’s. This comeback will mark SHINee’s fifth studio album 1 to 1 since they became a group.

Check out a few of the members’ hilarious reactions below!

SHINee + Yoona
Onew, “Oh Yoona is at it again”

Key: “Uh… should I be scared?”

Jonghyun: “What’s wrong with her mouth?”

Source: Instiz