SHINee’s Minho Reveals Why He Still Bows 90 Degrees To Kim Heechul

Looks like he’s in this one for life!

Previously, SHINee’s Minho revealed the real reason why he still bowed formally to Super Junior’s Heechul.

According to Minho, this all started when he first debuted ten years ago.


Being a rookie group, he wanted to look good in front of the other senior idols. After seeing Heechul, he bowed down in a 90 degree angle. After seeing this, Heechul responded, “Don’t greet me like that!”


Surprised at the response, Minho wondered if he did anything wrong.


Turns out, Heechul wanted Minho to act more comfortably around him.

If you still want to be bowing to me like that ten years from now, then do that. If not, greet me more casually!

⁠— Heechul


But because of Minho’s unknown desire to win, he made up his mind that he would continue to bow respectfully even after ten years.

I still bow 90 degrees when I greet him!

⁠— Minho


Looks like due to Minho’s pride and strong sense to win, he’s going to have to keep bowing like this to Heechul!

Source: theqoo