SHINee’s Minho Changed His Eyebrow Shape And Exudes A Completely Different Aura

Honestly, if you’re that handsome, does it matter?

Fans have been praising SHINee Minho‘s stylists for the slight change they decided to make. Although the change is small, it makes a huge difference in how modern a makeup or face image can look!

Before he enlisted in the military, his last promotions saw Minho with eyebrows that were thick, triangular and droopy. This accentuated his crescent-shaped eyes, giving him even more of a kind impression.

Fans noted that his eyebrows were heavily drawn in towards the back to thicken the triangular arch.

The brows stood out even more when he chopped off his fringe for a role in Lovestruck in the City post-discharge.

However, Minho had to present a different image due to the song “Don’t Call Me”, which is a tough song with addictive beats about a breakup and how the guy rejects the girl’s advances. It seems that the stylists took this into reflection as they tidied up his brows.

For the subsequent comeback stages, Minho’s brows became thinner and slanted downwards to emphasize his charisma.

So long, triangle brows!

Fans compared his new brows with blond hair before and after this change. Thick, bushy triangular brows…

| theqoo

… and his new, cleaner look.

It’s not surprise many prefer his new look. Netizens have praised them saying, “I was wondering how he got even more handsome, I guess this is it,” as well as “He’s always been handsome but he got neater.

How do you feel about the change? If you ask us, straight brows, triangle brows, bushy brows… What’s the matter when you’re as handsome as Minho is?


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