SHINee Minho’s Very Different Reactions To Taemin And Key’s Aegyo

Maknae on top!

SHINee, who is gearing up for their comeback, held a live stream to give some spoilers about their new album.

| SM Entertainment

Now Shawols know how much Minho loves the groups’ maknae Taemin! Minho has always been Taemin’s biggest supporter, even showing up to Taemin’s solo live streams while in the military!

During the live stream, Taemin made a cute aegyo sound, which received totally different responses from the members.

Minho: (melting because of Taemin’s cuteness)
Key: What is that? What was it?
Taemin: It was exactly three octaves C sharp.

We can clearly see that Minho can’t help but smile at Taemin’s aegyo! But when his fellow 91’er member Key butts in with his aegyo, it’s a whole different story.

Key: Bummie is a baby too!
Minho:…Ok you do you.

The difference between his reactions are priceless! But as you can see from the video below, it looks like Minho has built up immunity over time to Key’s aegyo!

And honestly, we live to see SHINee’s chaotic mess live streams!

On the other hand, SHINee is preparing for their comeback with their seventh full-length album, Don’t Call Me, set to release on February 22.