SHINee’s Minho Expresses Disappointment in Fellow Members for Not Sending Him Letters

Minho opened up about keeping in touch with fellow members and fans while serving in the military.

The Military Manpower Administration recently shared a video of SHINee‘s Minho, where he talked about his military life and his disappointment in fellow members for not sending him letters.

The first thing that stands out in the video is Minho’s unchanged visuals in the military.

Regardless of his short hair, Minho still flaunted the unmatched charisma and facial features that have always made fans swoon.

But what caught the fans’ attention, even more, was when he opened up about his disappointment in his fellow members for not sending him letters, and how they still keep in touch.

When I was in bootcamp, I was hoping for my members to send me letters, but they never did, so I was disappointed.

– Minho

Although he was disappointed in that aspect, Minho explained how he stays in touch with his SHINee members.

Still, I talk to my fellow members through my phone because we get some time every day to use our phones. We talk about eating delicious food when I go on leave. I promised Onew that I would see his military musical and I told Key, who’s also in the military, that I would meet up with him in Seoul.

– Minho

Minho also expressed just how close he is to his SHINee members.

Because we were always together, I’ve grown even more fond of my fellow members after coming to the military.

– Minho

Minho, who still has a year left in his service, shared that his goal is to be discharged in a healthy condition.

I want to complete all of my training without getting hurt. I also want to make good memories with my fellow soldiers who came before me and who’ll come after me.

– Minho

Lastly, Minho sincerely thanked his fans for sending him the letters that he never got from his members.

I make sure to read all the letters that come week by week. Each of the letters provide much comfort and motivation for me. Please wait a little longer.

– Minho

Check out the full interview below:

Source: Insight