SHINee’s Minho Shares The Adorable Drawing And Letter He Received From “Superman Returns” Naeun

It will leave you with the biggest smile on your face!

SHINee‘s Minho shared the absolutely adorable letter that he received from Naeun!

Soccer player Park Joo Ho and his children (Naeun, Gunhoo, and Jinwoo) are currently part of the cast for The Return Of Superman, and Minho has occasionally been appearing on episodes and bonding adorably with all of them!

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Minho recently revealed photos of a letter and drawing he received from Naeun, showing how close they are and how much she cares for him! In a series of photos that he uploaded on Instagram stories, Minho proudly showed off their close bond!

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He first uploaded a photo of Naeun, simply captioning it with her name!

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In the second photo uploaded, the letter contained Naeun’s name and city, and Minho revealed that the letter had come from there!

Eden Park Naeun Ulsan Metropolitan City, Jung-gu

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Along with the photo, Minho captioned it as:

A letter came to my house…

Eden from Ulsan…


In the third photo, he showed that Naeun had also attached a picture that she drew, along with the letter!

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In the fourth photo, Minho shared how Naeun had thoughtfully and diligently put his full name and address as the recipient of her letter!

Choi Minho, Seoul City, Gangnam-gu

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Looking at her adorable handwriting, Minho commented,

Such lovely handwriting…

What do you mean Choi Minho…


And finally, Minho revealed the lovely letter sent to him by Naeun, written in English!

Dear Uncle Minho, today I am going to dance class for the first time. I feel good but a little nervous. I will show you how to dance. I will make a cake for you. What kind of cake do you like? I miss you. Have a nice day!



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And Minho added his thanks as a caption!

Thanks Naeun!

Uncle will support you a lot!

Please show me next time!

I love you.


Minho and Naeun have the cutest bond!

Source: Insight Korea