Everyone Keeps Seeing GOT7’s Jinyoung In These Photos Of SHINee’s Minho 

And it’s causing a whole lot of confusion.

Although there are idols who sometimes get mistaken for another idol thanks to their uncanny resemblance to each other, SHINee‘s Minho and GOT7‘s Jinyoung aren’t really among the group. While they both have princely visuals that can leave fans absolutely breathless, fans have never had any trouble identifying who’s who in pictures.


That is until one set of Minho pics were uploaded online!


The photos in question were taken at the airport back in July 2016 and while many people were able to easily identify Minho as the one in the pictures, many others first thought they were looking at Jinyoung!


Why? Well, part of the reason may be due to the fact that the photos were recently posted on Twitter, @jinyoungs_e, by a user who is a known Ahgase.


Another reason might be because what Minho is wearing and the way he has his hair styled in the pictures is very similar to Jinyoung’s style!


But no matter why fans kept seeing Jinyoung, these photos definitely caused a stir with many fans feeling 100% they were looking at Jinyoung before taking a closer look and being 100% sure they were really seeing Minho!


All in all, fans have been having a ton of fun with these handsome pictures of Minho! If you’re in the mood for more photos that have had fans doing double takes then just click here!