No One Knows Which Idols Are Really In These Photos Going Viral Online

These photos of idols are causing some serious confusion:

Although there are some idols that fans have always felt bear a striking resemblance to each other, they’ve always been able to clearly tell the idols apart. Recently, however, there have been a series of pictures that have been causing some serious confusion because no one knows which idol is really in the photo!


Last year, a series of BTS photos were making fans see double as they seemingly morphed into one another. Shortly after those photos first made their appearance, another photo popped up convincing some fans the idol was EXO‘s Sehun and others NU’EST‘s Hwang Minhyun.


While those photos were already confusing enough, a series of new photos have recently grabbed attention online because it’s so hard to properly identify which idol is really in the photo. The first photo that has brought some major confusion, had some netizens convinced it was Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona in the photo while everyone else thought it had to be f(x)‘s Krystal!


Then there was a second mysterious picture of Krystal or Yoona that got just as many divided opinions as the first.


Upon closer inspection, it turned out that many fans were right! In the first photo, it was Krystal…


And the second Yoona!


Unfortunately for netizens, those weren’t the only idols making fans do double-takes though. From there, things continued to get even harder. Netizens were presented with one photo that made some fans see EXO’s Xiumin and others BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon!


In another, netizens were split on whether the idol was Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon or Girl’s Day‘s Sojin.


But there was no stopping there! A fifth photo showed someone who could either be BIGBANG’s TOP or Kim Soo Hyun!


And perhaps most confusing of all was this photo which had some people seeing EXO’s Suho while many other people saw Chanyeol.


As more and more netizens weighed in on who could be in each photo, the answers were revealed. The photo that made everyone see Xiumin or G-Dragon turned out to be the latter!


The one that had netizens scratching their heads over which girl group member it was, was really Taeyeon…


While the fifth photo turned out to be TOP!


As for the puzzling EXO mystery that had many netizens guessing Suho, well, it was really Chanyeol!


Although most netizens were 100% confident in their choices, many were quite surprised when it turned out to be the opposite idol. All of these mysterious photos have left netizens feeling very overwhelmed and just a little bit confused.

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