SHINee’s Minho Recalls The Touching Reason Why One Of Their Fans Went MIA

“She was nowhere to be seen.”

A story shared by SHINee‘s Minho is touching the hearts of everyone.

SHINee made a guest appearance on a radio show and during their time on the broadcast, Minho shared a heartfelt story about one of their fans.

I remember one particular fan. She has been a fan since our debut and has been a fan for a long time. Until one day, we realized that she was nowhere to be seen. When I was in the army, I received a lot of letters and I read through each one. I noticed a very thick letter one day and thought, ‘what is this?’ So naturally, I read it and it happened to be from the fan.

— Minho

The SHINee member continued the story by revealing the content of the fan’s letter.

She shared with me that she had gotten married and had been busy being a parent. She sent a photo of her wedding, as well as a photo of her baby. I was so touched by that. She continued to share that while she may not be able to support us closely in person, she is always supporting us from afar. She wanted us to know that. It was because of her that I realized I need to work harder and promote better.

— Minho

Netizens couldn’t help, but be touched by the warmth of the story. Here are some of their responses.

| theqoo
  • “I’m so touched…I was a big fan before I was married too and then I got married. I would listen to ‘Lucifer’ while I was pregnant…now I’m a mom of 3. That fan is amazing”
  • “I’m so touched…the fact that Minho recognized the fan is impressive. The fact that the fan has been supporting them for so long that he recognized her and she sent him a long letter is also impressive. I hope her child will be healthy and grow up well”
  • “Wow what a warm story”
  • “Omg it’s heartwarming…”
  • “Wow this is touching”
  • “This is seriously so touching”

This is such an incredible story. We can understand why Minho was so touched! In related news, SHINee recently made their long awaited comeback with “Don’t Call Me,” which you can check out down below!