SHINee Onew’s Exemplary Manners Towards BLACKPINK’s Rosé Left Everyone Heart-Eyed

Onew, the perfect gentleman.

JTBC‘s music reality show Sea of Hope gained a lot of love from K-Pop fans for its unique concept and idol guests. The show’s episodes have had huge names from actress Kim Go Eun, AKMU‘s Suhyun, and especially BLACKPINK‘s Rosé alongside the hosts, including SHINee‘s Onew.

Kim Go Eun, BLACKPINK’s Rosé and AKMU’s Suhyun | @barda_sea/ Instagram

Since the show started, fans gushed about the interactions between Rosé and the cast members. In particular, netizens have noticed the adorable moments between Rosé and Onew! From stunning everyone with their vocals and just being adorable, they seem to have a perfect friendship!

During one episode, the cast members all sat down after a long day working to have some food together and spoke about how they felt the day was going.

Netizens noticed something in one of the clips that had their hearts melting. BLACKPINK fans know that Rosé is left-handed and, after their first night eating together, fellow idol Onew seemed to realize it as well.

While all the cast were eating their food, fans noticed Onew was sat in a different position as he was eating, one that looked more rigid. Even Rosé noticed that he was sitting in a position that can’t have been comfortable.

It seems as if, after realizing Rosé was left-handed, Onew wanted to make it more comfortable for her to eat and, by sitting this way, he wanted to make sure that she didn’t feel bad if their elbows kept knocking.

Rosé quickly realized what was going on and, despite Onew’s protests that he was fine, they both eventually found a way to make sure they both ate comfortably.

After the episode was aired, fans took to the comments and social media to praise Onew for his impeccable manners and Rosé for being so kind and considerate of each other!

  • Onew actually remembered that she’s left-handed from the day before when they had dinner. Rosé was actually sitting where Onew’s sitting in the video the day before T.T
  • What a gentleman Onew is… 
  • Onew being considerate of Rosé who’s eating with her left hand 🥺

There is no denying that K-Pop idols have so much politeness and respect for their fellow artists, and this is just another example of that! You can watch the whole clip below.