Everyone Loves BLACKPINK’s Rosé On “Sea Of Hope” — 6 Of The Cutest Interactions So Far

Get in line.

We’re biased, can’t you tell? (Have you seen our profile photo?) While we would love to keep BLACKPINK‘s Rosé all to ourselves, we had to share her with the amazing cast for Sea Of Hope recently. Rosé went all out and swept up the hearts of the crew effortlessly, including actors Lee Ji Ah, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Go Eun, as well as SHINee‘s Onew and AKMU‘s Soohyun. Here are 6 of the cutest interactions on the show so far.

1. When everyone was drawn in by her voice

Rosé’s first song and appearance was with “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room”. Everyone was captivated by her soft and sweet voice that conveyed every emotion. All the actors could not take their eyes off her!

2. When Onew fed her brownies

Yeah, we’re not jealous…we’re totally not jealous of Onew… Onew had personally baked a strawberry brownie for the cast and had fed Rosé a piece.

We’d love for Rosé to praise our cooking.

3. When Onew and Rosé literally fought to do the dishes

As Rosé had been unable to help with the cooking, she had volunteered to do the dishes. When she saw that Onew had beat her to it, she immediately went to chase him away.

4. When Lee Dong Wook pat her on the back

The cutest interaction ever! He felt bad for having her do the dishes.

5. When Lee Ji Ah discussed cooking with her

Rosé admitted that she has never tasted the cooking that she has personally seasoned although she has cooked for others before. Lee Ji Ah was surprised at the revelation.

6. When everyone gave her the warmest welcome

Check out how everyone waved her in, all smiles! Not only did labelmate Soohyun show her around, Lee Dong Wook helped with her bags too.

The show has only aired 3 episodes so far and Rosé is slated to appear in episode 4 as well. Stay tuned for more interactions and of course, more of her gorgeous voice.