SHINee’s Onew And Jessi Have The Most Wholesome Interaction — And Fans Can’t Get Enough

“She smiled so brightly when I entered.” — Onew

SHINee‘s Onew and Jessi recently met for the first time on SBS PowerFM’s Cultwoshow, and their wholesome interactions had fans’ hearts melting!

Onew was there to promote his new solo comeback “DICE,” which is his second solo mini album.

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Similarly, Jessi is promoting “ZOOM,” her first single since last year’s “Cold Blooded.”

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The two of them appeared on Cultwoshow, and despite having never met before, they had fans praising how supportive they were of each other. When asked about their first impressions, Onew adorably said, “She smiled so brightly when I entered…

They both also were more than happy to be promoting together, with Onew claiming he was actually feeling a little starstruck!

Throughout the show they had nothing but compliments for each other…

And Jessi had the cutest (and most relatable reaction) when she got a compliment from him.

Naturally, they were also more than happy to promote each other’s albums…

And it was Onew’s turn to get adorably shy as Jessi promoted “DICE.”

In fact, Jessi was so busy promoting Onew’s album that she almost forgot to promote her own song!

She had so much praise for it that she claimed she was actually jealous that her company didn’t produce albums like his.

But the highlight of the show was when they each performed their songs. When Onew began his performance of “DICE,” he was interrupted by some technical issues. Once the issue was sorted, Jessi gave Onew some encouragement by saying, “Yeah, you got this, baby!”

Meanwhile, Jessi not only performed “ZOOM,” but she also performed her hit song “NUNU NANA.” And fans were delighted to see Onew expertly bust out the choreography!

In fact, they couldn’t help hilariously comparing how different Onew and fellow SHINee member Minho handled their first meeting with Jessi.

Overall, Jessi and Onew proved they have the cutest chemistry…

…so hopefully this won’t be the last time we see them together! SHINee on Showterview when?


Source: SBS Radio/YouTube