Fans Uncover Touching Jonghyun References In SHINee’s Latest Album

“I really do hear Jonghyun all over this album…”

SHINee‘s eighth studio album, HARD, has been taking social media by storm since its release earlier today. However, it’s the closing track, “Gravity,” that has deeply moved the group’s fans. This soul-stirring song — while being a testament to SHINee’s signature harmonious sound — has served as an emotional catalyst.

SHINee | SM Entertainment 

The track unearthed a sea of nostalgia among Shawols, as they found heartwarming tributes to their beloved idol, Jonghyun, woven intricately into the song’s lyrics.

1. “Blue Night”

The song’s first verse opens with the words “Blue Night” included in the lyrics. Fans immediately connected the dots, recognizing this as a heartfelt nod to Blue Night Radio, a popular radio show Jonghyun hosted for three years. Despite his deep love for the show, Jonghyun had to step down due to SHINee’s escalating schedule, yet his time as a host left an indelible mark on fans and colleagues alike.

Jonghyun hosting “Blue Night Radio” | MBC

2. “End of a Day”

The references do not stop there, as the lyrics gently weave in “End of a Day,” the title of one of Jonghyun’s most cherished singles. This moving track was the title piece for his first compilation album, The Collection: Story Op. 1. Inspired by his everyday experiences and his beloved pet, Byulroo, “End of a Day” gave fans a peek into Jonghyun’s intimate thoughts, adding to their fond memories of the idol.

3. “You & I”

Further, the lyrics also include the phrase “You & I,” striking a chord with the fans as they associate this with yet another Jonghyun song, “U & I.” Released during his time as Blue Night Radio‘s host, this song symbolized Jonghyun’s close-knit relationship with his listeners. He often encouraged them to treat the radio show like their diary, so they could share their stories with him freely.

4. “Moonlight”

The final lyrical connection fans found is the term “moonlight.” While not a direct reference to Jonghyun’s art, fans are deeply touched as the SHINee star had often expressed his fascination for the moon. Jonghyun’s solo track “MOON” and SHINee’s “Selene 6.23”, which he wrote, serve as ample evidence of his admiration for this celestial body. Ever since then, Shawols have always related the moon to Jonghyun — making “moonlight” a subtle yet heartwarming nod to the group’s main vocalist.

Through these references, fans assume that “Gravity” seems to represent the group’s tender tribute to their beloved member, making HARD not just another album release but a heartfelt narrative of SHINee’s journey. It serves as a reminder of Jonghyun’s lasting impact on the group and their music, while also rekindling the beautiful memories he’s left behind.