SHINee’s Taemin Revealed How Sweet His Friendship With BTS’s Jimin And EXO’s Kai Really Is

Their reactions to Taemin’s mini album say it all:

There are a lot of famous friendship squads in K-Pop but perhaps one of the best known is the “friendship parka” squad compromised of SHINee‘s Taemin, BTS‘s Jimin, EXO‘s KaiHa Sungwoon, and more. These friends are always doing something together whether that’s being seen together hanging out at concerts together or wearing their matching self-designed parkas!


So it seems completely natural that with the release of Taemin’s new mini album “Want”, the group of friends would show some major support for him! In a recent press conference, Taemin revealed how his friends reacted to the mini album. First, he talked about Kai and Jimin’s feelings.

“Kai gave me a compliment by saying that it was much better than the demo. Jimin told me that I was someone who really seemed to know what I am doing.”

— Taemin


Then jokingly called out Sungwoon for what he said about the mini album.

“Sungwoon always compliments me by saying, ‘Hyung you’re cool‘. He likes to joke around too, about me being a senior artist since I was the first to debut in our group.”

— Taemin


Taemin didn’t stop there though. He also talked about the true dynamics in the group and surprised many when he revealed that, although they’re all singers, they don’t actually talk about work very often!

“When we’re together we throw out the idea of being singers and simply treat each other as one human to another. We have the kind of relationship where we just treat each other as younger and older friends. That’s probably why we don’t talk much about work.”

— Taemin


Since they don’t normally talk about work it makes what Kai, Jimin, and Sungwoon said even more special! The “friendship parka” squad really is true friendship goals!

Source: Newsen
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