Fans Can’t Help But Smile At SHINee Taemin’s Cute Reaction To A New Feature During Instagram Live


Recently, SHINee’s Taemin held an Instagram live and chatted with fans about his upcoming solo album.

The trailer is the background for the album and its related to ‘Guilty’ teasers, but the songs in the trailer isn’t the title track. Instrumentals for two songs from the b-sides are used in the trailer. Just to make it clear, ‘Guilty’ is better!”

He also revealed to fans that he had filmed for a show that he always wanted to go on!

There’s a program that I’ve always wanted to do for a long time. I listened to a lot of Sung Sikyung’s songs because of that show. But it looks like I’ll be appearing on that show. I was so nervous but it was so fun. I sang about 15 minutes, but it cut off and had to do it again. But I was just thankful that I was able to do something that I’ve wanted to do. So I filmed the program with a thankful heart.

And of course it wouldn’t be a Taemin live if we didn’t see any cuteness now would it? Fans couldn’t help but smile as he continued to be shocked at the new features on the platform.

Ok, I’ll go now. Wow what’s this? How are there balloons…what the? Why are balloons appearing? Wow! It seems to appear when I make the peace sign!

Fans couldn’t help but smile at how adorable his reaction was to the fun feature!

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “I’m just finding out about this now too! So cute.”
  • “Wow I didn’t know about this either!”
  • “Ha…so cute I could die…”
  • “Ha wow…adorable.”
  • “I guess he updated his iPhone.”
  • “Baby lolol.”
  • “So cute…I wanna try this out too where can I try.”

Don’t forget to check out Taemin’s new album releasing on October 30!

Source: theqoo