Netizens’ Hearts Flutter At SHINee Taemin’s Physical Growth Over The Years In Comparison Shots Next To A Female Artist

He’s all grown up!

As if we didn’t need enough tears this week, prepare to be moved by how much SHINee‘s Taemin has grown in 6 years! Back in 2012, when iconic artist Boa came out with her song “Only One”, the couple dance segment was a hot topic as fans always would anticipate who her partner for the stage would be! From TVXQ‘s Yunho to EXO‘s Sehun, many male SM Entertainment artists collaborated with her on the stage.

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During 2012’s Incheon K-Pop Concert, Taemin was given the honor. At a mere 20 years old in Korea back then, nervousness was all over his face, working with a huge senior!

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However, 6 years later, when he was 26 in Korea, during an SM Town concert, you could see just how much he had grown! Everything from his vibe to his physique has changed drastically. Not only did his shoulders broaden, his nervousness is completely gone and he does the dance with so much ease.

Relive the moment in a fancam from his 2019 performance during SM Town Chile with Boa!

Fans certainly agreed that his growth was heart fluttering! His physique has definitely matured over the years, especially as he reportedly trains at the gym frequently. A little hard work goes a long way!


In other news, Taemin’s latest music video for his latest single, “Criminal” is out, so be sure to take a listen below!

Source: theqoo