SHINee’s Taemin Hilariously Gets Jealous When A Fan Confessed They Started Liking “Someone Else”

There’s a twist to the story though.

SHINee‘s Taemin really let his Cancerian side roll with the recent comeback for “Advice”. Not only did he get more daring, but he also showed a possessive streak when it comes to his fans’ love! All in good nature of course.

During a video call fan sign, a fan confessed that she had started liking a rookie artist sometime last year. She defended herself by saying that Taemin had given fans permission to “just look” and admire other idols as long as they were still primarily his fans. What happened next was absolutely hilarious.

  • Fan: “Oppa said that it was fine to ‘just look’ right?
  • Taemin: “Yeah.”
  • Fan: “So last year, I liked a rookie group.”
  • Taemin: “Last year? Who?”
  • Fan: “They kind of looked like oppa so…”
  • Taemin: “Really…?”
  • Fan: “Rookie group SuperM…”
  • Taemin: “Ah! I almost got annoyed, did you know that?”
  • Fan: “Who else would I like, when I have you!”
  • Taemin: “Was that so (that you liked another group)? Don’t do that~”

What an adorable baby cheese! We do so solemnly swear never to like another man again.