SHINee’s Taemin Once Thought Girls’ Generation Was Going To Raise Him

Girls’ Generation was totally on board with this idea!

SHINee‘s youngest member, Taemin, once hilariously misunderstood a variety show the group starred in!

SHINee’s Taemin | @Im_ltm/Instagram

SHINee starred in the second season of KBS‘s variety show, Hello Baby, in which K-Pop groups take care of children aged 5 and under.

SHINee’s Hello Baby | SHINee Wiki

SHINee’s team didn’t tell them they were headed to film Hello Baby, and the group spent the ride to the show’s filming location guessing which show they were about to appear on. During the ride over, Jonghyun correctly guessed that they would be filming Hello Baby.

| Carlina/YouTube

After Onew jokes that SHINee will be the kids being raised on the show, Taemin asks if the noonas (older sisters) will be raising them.

| Carlina/YouTube

The noonas Taemin was referring to were the members of Girls’ Generation!

Girls’ Generation | @HYOYEON_Updates/Twitter

Girls’ Generation appeared on the first season of Hello Baby, and Taemin seemed to think they would raise SHINee on the next season!

Girls’ Generation’s Hello Baby | Girls’ Generation Wiki

The Girls’ Generation members were totally on board with raising SHINee in season 2 of Hello Baby! 

| Carlina/YouTube

Although Girls’ Generation didn’t mind raising SHINee, the K-Pop boy group raised a 4-year-old child on their own in their season of Hello Baby.



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