SHINee’s Taemin Was Touched After Hearing A Fan Speak Out On Behalf Of The Fandom

Fans hope he knows how much he is loved.

Recently, SHINee Taemin’s video for Dear. My SHINee WORLD was released on SHINee’s official YouTube channel.

In this video, Taemin responds to fans’ voice messages that they left for him. The first message was from a fan who spoke out to represent the fandom as a whole.

Hi, I’m SHA WORLD’s representative who will speak for SHINee WORLD. First, I’d like to give a huge applause to you guys who worked so hard on the album. You are always the best and we are always with you so let’s stay together forever.

— Shawol

They also expressed that they would flex anytime for Taemin.

First off, share your bank account number on Lysn and I’ll give it straight to your bank account. Or, if you are wearing cargo pants, I’ll stick in in your pocket.

— Shawol

But most importantly, they wished that he would be healthy above anything else.

Also, one more thing! I’m sure everyone wants this. I know you are taking good care of yourselves, but please stay healthy. You will hurt our feelings so much if you get hurt. Health should be your priority. Also, never say you are sorry. You guys never did anything wrong. Never say you are sorry. I really need to go now. Whatever you do, we’ll always support you. Thank you always. Love you.

They also let him know what concept they would like to see next.

Honestly, this is my personal wish, but for the next theme, do sexy please.

— Shawol

After hearing the message, Taemin thanked the fan for their support and love.

SHA WORLD’s representative? Wow. She said she’ll give something directly to my bank account. She sounded very cool. I thank her for her heart. Also, above all, the cargo pants. I should get cargo pants so you can put something straight into the pocket. I’m kidding.

— Taemin

He felt grateful to know that he had so many amazing fans who had his back.

Anyway, thank you for speaking on the group’s behalf. Actually, it really came across how much you support us. Your care for us was really delivered. You know when she said things like don’t get hurt and don’t say sorry, I’ve seen other fans say something like this a few times. For example, when we didn’t get first place or we didn’t do well on the music charts, they would feel disappointed in themselves.

— Taemin

He promised to stop saying sorry and to only focus on happy and positive things.

Hearing that makes me really sad. If you like us, there’s nothing else we want. I’m sure things like that may happen, but when it happens, I felt really sad, so I’ll try my best not to say sorry. So I hope you don’t say sorry either. Let’s always be happy and joyful in the future forever.

— Taemin

Watch the full video below!

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