SHINee’s Taemin Had Fans Putting On Their Detective Hats After Recreating A Moment From “Replay”

Shawols are sure there’s more to his post than first meets the eye:

On January 17, SHINee‘s Taemin not only took fans down memory lane but he also had everyone putting on their detective caps all because of a single selca!


Although it may not be #ThrowbackThursday, Taemin decided to give fans a blast from the past by replaying a moment from SHINee’s “Replay” dance practice.  In his post, Taemin perfectly recreated the moment he checked the camera in their dance practice video even down to the camera angle and his iconic “mushroom” hair!


Although the photo was captioned with the words, “Replay 2020“, the photo was so spot on that, many Shawols were sure the photo really was from their “Replay” era at first! Soon, however, fans spotted some things that just didn’t add up, like the fact that those shoes only started being released in 2010!


Learning the photo really was taken in 2020, however, raised even more questions and pretty soon Shawols were wondering why Taemin decided to post the photo now of all times, especially since the original release date of “Replay” was in May 2008, not January!


Pretty soon Shawols were putting on their detective caps and trying to piece together what they knew. Some fans have been guessing that it’s Taemin’s way of showing excitement about his hyungs returning from the military as Minho, Key, and Onew are all set to complete their military duties in 2020.


Other fans, however, think that this might be a clue about Taemin’s upcoming solo comeback and have been finding more evidence that his comeback may have a more nostalgic feel to it.


Or perhaps, Taemin has even been planning this post for a very long time! Detective Shawols realized that if you take the date Taemin posted the photo and subtract the day “Replay” was released you get the code for Pearl Aqua, SHINee’s official color!


While the mystery is still out on the post, one thing every fan does know with absolute certainty is that Taemin truly blessed us all!