Taemin Spent 2 Minutes Trying To Inhale Helium From A Balloon…Filled With Air

He just wanted to have some fun with Shawols:

It’s a given that balloons and helium go together. More often than not, you’ll see balloons filled with the gas but every once in awhile the classic helium filling will be switched for something like regular old air. And that’s exactly what had happened SHINee Taemin‘s balloon!

While talking to fans during his most recent Instagram live, Taemin suddenly revealed he had a balloon with him. With that simple item in his possession, Taemin knew that it would be the perfect opportunity to have some fun and put a smile on everyone’s face with his high-pitched helium voice!

So after grabbing the balloon and struggling for a few moments to break into it, Taemin took his first inhale…

And nothing! After returning to a seated position, Taemin thought he’d give it another try but even a seated position didn’t bring him any closer to that fun high-pitched helium sound he was looking for!

Ah! Isn’t this helium?

— Taemin

Not discouraged, Taemin decided the hole in the balloon must not have been big enough. Yep, that had to be it! With a few bites and a tear, Taemin was able to take in more of what was inside the balloon. But no dice!

With that last big inhale Taemin was left with the realization that his balloon was not, in fact, filled with helium but regular air! Cue the extra adorable embarrassment!

Ah, ah, ah! Hello? Hello! Ah, this isn’t helium… Aw, (I) got cheated.

— Taemin

Although Taemin might not have been successful in entertaining Shawols with some helium fun, he definitely still had them grinning from ear to ear with all his cuteness!

Looks like it was mission accomplished after all!