A Male Idol Spoils So Much Unreleased Music That His Members And Staff Want Him To Stop

There are no boundaries to the things he spoils 😂

Singer Lee Seok Hoon brought his web series SSULPLY to SM Entertainment to interview the company’s staff with the help of SHINee‘s Key. Along the way, they revealed which idol from the company spoils so much unreleased content that his members and the staff want him to do it much less.


Curious how staff feel when an idol releases spoilers, Key asked Red Velvet‘s current manager Choi Byung Jong. He imitated his warning signals to avoid the situation, sharing why they were so focused on preventing them.

The company wanted to prevent false expectations. Choi Byung Jong explained, “During the preparation of the album, there may be changes. So I wanted to avoid misunderstandings.” However, there was one idol who constantly broke all the rules.

As soon as Key named Taemin as the member who drops spoilers “quite often,” Choi Byung Jong immediately reacted.

Choi Byung Jong revealed that Taemin always took spoilers further by giving away “very detailed” information. Making them laugh, Key noted that the members’ solo promotions were also at risk for being spoiled.

He just needs to talk about himself, but he talks about the other members too. He just spoils something unfixable.

— Key

As if that wasn’t enough, Choi Byung Jong revealed, “He also spoils something we don’t even know about.

Since the members sometimes join Taemin in spoiling unreleased content, it looks like no one can control their maknae (youngest member).

See them talk about Taemin going just a bit overboard with spoilers and wishing he would give fewer details.