SHINee’s Taemin Went A Little Too Hard Dancing To “Danger” And His Reaction Was Cuteness Overload

So much cuteness!

Whenever SHINee‘s Taemin performs “Danger”, things get pretty dangerous for fans. His smooth honey vocals, his sexy dance moves, and intense stage presence are so good and yet so bad for all our hearts! Add in an extra dash of Taemin’s cuteness just like what we got at the K-Pop Super Concert in Hanoi and we might as well issue a state of emergency for our hearts!


As a final performance at the concert, Taemin decided to come straight for our hearts with a performance of “Danger” and like always, Taemin went so hard he barely left us any chance to breathe!


As Taemin continued to attack fans left and right with his dangerous moves, he completely forgot that his dance break had been pushed back slightly and launched right into it! It only took him a second to realize his mistake, and freezing for a few seconds to let the music catch up, Taemin spun around with the biggest and shyest grin on his face!


That moment when Taemin caught his mistake and then proceeded to deliver the cutest reaction to it ever, well, it was all over for fans!


Meanwhile, Taemin didn’t even let fans recover from all that cuteness before launching into the dance break and delivering one final blow to all our hearts!


Watch Taemin’s adorable mistake and reaction as well as his heart-stopping “Danger”  performance below: