SHINee’s Key And Minho Couldn’t Stand Each Other As Trainees

They eventually worked through it.

Sometimes, no matter how close you are to someone or how much time you spend with each other, you can’t help but disagree with each other. Take MAMAMOO‘s Solar and Moonbyul for example, despite being very good friends (or perhaps because they’re good friends), they tend to argue a lot and sometimes, their arguments end in fistfights.

Not getting along with others, particularly when you don’t know each other well, is natural and becoming comfortable around them and building rapport takes time. This was likely the case with SHINee‘s Key and Minho, who previously revealed they weren’t good friends as trainees.

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

It was revealed that they had a big fight during their trainee days.

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

Basically, Minho, as his sunbae at the agency, asked him to clean up after himself…

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

… However, because they are the same age, Key didn’t take kindly to being bossed around.

Source: KBS World TV/YouTube

They did end up resolving the matter, and now they can laugh about their past issues with each other together.

Watch the whole clip below to find out how Key stood up for himself, what he said, and how they resolved the issue: